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Fasciatherapy FIT

What is Fascia Integration Therapy (FIT)?

The Fascia Integration Therapy method is a new form of physiotherapy.  The method is science based and patient centered. We base our therapy on the most recent insights from the fields of anatomy, physiology, pathology, pain science and psychology. The focus here is on the fascia, the tissue described as: “A functional structure that provides an environment that enables all body systems to operate in an integrated manner”. Together with the muscle and fat cells, fascia forms the soft tissues. The working area par excellence of the physiotherapist. A healthy fascia ensures an optimal functioning body. But this can be disturbed by injury, under or overload, inflammation, poor care. This can result in impaired function and pain.


The fascia therapist is trained to detect the disturbance in the fascia by means of the Fascia Function Test and palpation. The results of this examination then serve as a guideline for treatment. When the function returns to normal, we almost always see that the pain also decreases. The novelty of this approach is that the focus will mainly be on the disruption of the ground substance 'the gel' of the fascia. Liquify the fascia or making this gel liquid again is an important starting point. This is followed by training for a stronger and, in particular, a more resilient fascia. A resilient fascia reduces the chance that complaints will return. This is also an important task for the patient.

Fascia therapy will also always look at the other important component: the sensitivity of the nervous system. Sensitization of the nervous system can be an important causative and sustaining component of complaints.

Here, too, the patient focus is reflected: everyone is different and different factors play a role for everyone.

Focus on fascia

Focus on Fluids

Focus on Function

We have been training physiotherapists in this method in the Netherlands and abroad since 2014. The training is accredited by the quality house of the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF) and the Physiotherapy Quality Mark (SKF). The method was developed by physiotherapistsErnst van der WijkandAlexander Kudus.


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