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About pain and pain relief

Although we almost instinctively look for tissue damage in pain, tissue damage is only one of the threats to the cell and certainly not the most common. For example, chronic pain almost never involves tissue damage, but that does not mean that something is not wrong in the body, the cell is threatened, but we do not see that on X-ray or MRI. Chronic pain is not just the result of a hypersensitive nervous system, the brain does not 'invent' pain without reason.

readheremore about our new vision and the hidden source of chronic pain.

Pain = signals from the body x sensitivity of the nervous system

The source ofpainlies in itbody, the intensity of pain is determined byemotions,thoughtsandbehaviour.

Don't learn to live with the pain but learn to reduce the pain

(Note: The information on this website is only about musculoskeletal pain syndromes where the nervous system is intact.)

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