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The body is made to be taxed, a lot and with variety!

Only right after an injury or acute overload is dosed rest useful. Immobilization is disastrous for the body and for optimal recovery. We can learn something from animals. After an injury, they start moving and straining as soon as it is even half possible. We are so smart that we sometimes do stupid things: we start to doubt whether it is useful/safe to exercise and wait too long before exercising/exercising.

Let's go back to the basic formula of pain:

Pain = nociception x nervous system sensitivity

The nociception depends on the mechanical load and the degree of disruption of the chemical environment. In formula:

Nociception = acidification x load

Combined, this yields the following formula:

Pain = acidification x tax  x nervous system sensitivity

It is obvious to reduce the load first in case of pain. And many people with pain do this and / or are advised to do so. But then you switch off the most important stimulus for optimal recovery and strengthening. it is better to counter acidification and to reduce the sensitivity of the nervous system. Acidification can be countered by exercise, treatment of fascia and nutrition.

There are many ways to reduce the sensitivity of your nervous system yourself. Anything that gives peace, relaxation, the feeling of safety, enjoyment, connection, or pleasant distraction can help. You can act very directly on the central nervous system, for example with meditation/mindfulness.

Disturbed bowel function may be an important sustaining factor of a hypersensitive nervous system. You can often achieve a lot with healthy food. 

If the complaints are more serious, help from a specialist may be required. 

therapie en pijn

Practical tips and links:

  • ​You may overload as much as you can recover. So make sure you have enough rest moments. The deeper the relaxation, the stronger the recovery.

  • ​Bones and cartilage do well on pressure load, muscles and fascia like stretch. The more movement the more ground substance (the lubricant of the body) is made.Jumping and clubbell training are good for everything!

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